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Molly: New Drug Gains Popularity Among Teens ‎

Molly is the nickname for two different, but similar, drugs that are very popular at the moment. The name, which stands for molecule, can be used in reference to TFMPP or, more commonly, to the pure powder form of MDMA. TFMPP is a synthetic drug which is often mixed with other substances to mimic the effect of MDMA. The more common usage of “Molly” applies to the pure form of MDMA, which is used to create Ecstasy – also known as “E” or “X.” This definition can be misleading because people who believe they are buying pure MDMA when they purchase Molly may get TFMPP or some other combination of substances altogether.

In a recent student survey at Syracuse University in New York, 20% of the participants responded that they had tried Molly. One third of those students also stated that they did not know the ingredients of the drug they had ingested. The danger with any club drug is that the user does not really know what they are taking. Molly, although commonly thought to be a pure form of MDMA, often may contain no MDMA at all. In fact, Molly can be TFMPP mixed with another substance or it can be a mixture of MDMA and baking powder, plant fertilizer, or any combination of chemical substances that can be harmful or fatal.

Molly is growing in popularity. Richard, a Bridge client, said the drug made him black out. “I snorted it and I got dizzy, and saw black and red flashing lines in my eyes," he said. "I didn’t like it but when I couldn’t find a drug to do I used it.” Richard also commented that the drug made him jumpy and unable to sleep and the length of these feelings increased over time.

Earlier this year, police began to trace a product sold as plant food which was Molly mixed with enough nitrogen that it could legally be sold as fertilizer. The website for the product openly called the “plant food” legal ecstasy despite the disclaimer that the fertilizer was not for human consumption.

Presently, many forms of Molly are legal because the composition has not been regulated by the DEA. However, police can confiscate the drug and prosecute the owner for possession of an analog substance— a drug designed to mimic a controlled substance. Ecstasy was classified as a controlled substance in the 1980s. However, despite the ambiguous legality of the drug, the public should be aware of the dangers of this drug. Molly is highly addictive and can cause a dangerous increase in blood pressure and body temperature, dehydration, anxiety, depression, coma and death.

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