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KIDS Journal System

The KIDS Journal System, created by The Change Companies® for youth, keeps it simple through the use of short copy blocks and age appropriate graphics. The Journals focus on evidence-based motivational strategies to encourage change. Self-efficacy is stressed along with personal responsibility.

" You are capable and worthy of positive changes in your life
but you are the only one that can make them happen."

All nine processes of change from the Transtheoretical Model are applied with special emphasis on consciousness raising, social liberation and helping relationships to assist young abusers out of an early state of precontemplation.


The Power of Interactive Journaling®: The power of Interactive Journaling® transcends any specific treatment or educational modality. Whether a program focuses on a twelve-step approach, a cognitive-behavioral model, a motivational enhancement strategy or a combination of change models, Interactive Journaling® offers a simple but dynamic delivery system for each program participant. it s the pathway individuals access to allow a change process to be understood, activated and reinforced.

An Integrated Treatment Program Model: Don't mistake Interactive Journaling® as merely an enhancement or "add on" to a life change program. The Interactive Journaling® process can be integrated into all dimensions of a program. It can serve as the glue that adds consistency and structure to the entire range of education/treatment activities.

Interactive Journaling®: An Evidence-based pathway to change. Research has revealed that structured journaling can improve overall health and well-being. Whether grappling with substance abuse dependence, the stress of a career or the loss of freedom that comes with incarceration, journaling has proven to be an effective tool in helping individuals cope with challenging situations. The power of writing is that the process is immediately personal and relevant. Individuals can map out where they have been, where they are today and where they wish to go.

Building upon a body of journaling research, internal studies, and evidence-based behavioral change approaches, The Change Companies® has developed a process called Interactive Journaling®, which is a guided journaling experience that assists individuals in making life changes. To date, the Interactive Journals created by The Change Companies® have served more that 17 million individuals in the areas of treatment, corrections, impaired driving, prevention education and healthcare.

Research has revealed that change takes place in a series of stages and the application of certain change processes can assist in successful progression through these stages. Counselors, educators and group facilitators can be effective agents of change by equipping their program participants with this "roadmap" for successful change.

The Change Companies® incorporates prevailing change theory and motivational techniques into the Interactive Journals it creates. Every page we design reflects strategies or skills that build toward positive change. Furthermore, the Interactive Journaling® format provides participants with a personal and lasting tool for change that can be used long after a program experience ends.

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